Blog: The Sequel

Once upon a time, this was an active blog. One of two active blogs in fact. One here and one over on a blog named “The Cluebat”. Then life got in the way and I got tired of blogging. The conflicts were annoying and the rewards non-existent. New social media platforms emerged to provide an outlet for expression. I shut The Cluebat down and left this blog idle.

So why am I blogging again? The same reason I stopped: because I feel like it. Twitter is fun for micro-blogging and connecting with people, but sometimes there’s more to say than can be expressed in 140 characters. Facebook works for long posts, but I’d rather not subject friends and family to these rants extended observations when all they probably want is to keep up with how things are going and see cute pictures of the kids. So… here it is. People might read it, but I don’t expect many will. That’s fine; I’m not writing these for anyone else. This just lets me get it out of my head. Agree with me or disagree, I’m good either way. I’m not going to turn on comments. If you read something here and want to respond, feel free to do so on Twitter or email or best of all in person. I’m always open to pleasant discussion and I’m fine with opinions different than my own. On some subjects I’m probably open to persuasion. On others, not so much. And if you can’t say what you want politely* and without acrimony, don’t bother. I’m not interested.

If you’ve made it this far, welcome. I don’t promise to be regular or predictable, but hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting.

*Humor can be substituted for politeness, as long as it’s done well.